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Welcome to the 2023 PPC Series!

We are excited to kick off the Pro season and continue our efforts to ensure that our athletes have the opportunity to be compensated and establish themselves as Pro athletes. A points system was created by the WRPF in order to establish a clear route for the PPC athletes to participate in the 2023 PPC series and be rewarded based on performance. Athletes who rank in the top 30 in the PPC points system, regardless of gender, will earn a spot at the PPC Finals.

The PPC athletes are encouraged to participate in all or any of the contests necessary to acquire points in order to meet the criteria to receive an invitation to PPC Finals. 

Top 30 Points

Competitor Full Name Gender Points
Daniel Bell Male 62.5
Kristy Hawkins Female 60
Naomi Sheppard Female 57.5
Shane Haller Male 42.5
Blake Lehew Male 37.5
Gerald Dionio Male 32.5
Daniel Clancy Male 27.5
Chad Penson Male 25
Edward Blair Male 25
Patrick Maguire Male 25
Gabriel Didden Male 22.5
Cora Mecum Female 20
Rory Payne Male 20
Kody Blazek Male 17.5
Ashley Contorno Female 12.5
Brittany Bowles Female 12.5
Chloe Lansing Female 12.5
Demerrius Slocum Male 12.5
Drake Stephens Male 12.5
Fernando Arias Male 12.5
Haley Hill Female 12.5
Kiersten Scurlock Female 12.5
Laura Vogelsang Female 12.5
Micah Marino Male 12.5
Ronnell Leftwich Male 12.5
Braden Moss Male 10
Brandon Cintron Male 10
Caitlyn Adams Female 10
Christian Kearney Male 10